Pug Dog Information- All You Need to Know About This Friendly Pet!

little pug swimmingThe pug is a popular pet for families that have small homes and children. They are playful and loving. These dogs are small in size, and they have short legs, a round body and wrinkled face. They are easily identified when they hit the road for a walk. They look cute and innocent. They are adorable and loved for their charm and funny antics at times.

Common traits of pugs

If you are looking for pug dog information – https://pugshome.com, you must first know their common traits. These dogs are friendly, and they love to be with their owners. They are loyal pets, and they often like to sleep and play with children. They have a facial expression that is soft yet attentive. They have a short coat that is very smooth and fine in colour. The colour of their coat can be black or fawn. If you take a look at the pug today, you will find that it is compact and somewhat square. It has a funny gait and while it walks its hindquarters roll slightly. The pug also has marks on its ears, muzzle, forehead and cheeks. It has wrinkles that are deep and big.

Temperament of the pug – playful, innocent yet stubborn at times

The pug has a playful temperament and loves to be with its owners. When it comes to house training a pug, it is prudent for you to start when it is a puppy. The pug is very stubborn and if older it might not cooperate with you. If your house trains the pug while it is young, it will become an obedient and loving companion for your home.

pug resting

Health and maintenance of your pug – home tips to keep your pet happy!

When it comes to the health and maintenance of your pug, ensure you take it to the vet for regular check-ups and cleanups. You need to ensure that you clean the wrinkles of your pet so that it does not end up smelling stale. The pug also has issues with its anal sac that needs to be drained at regular intervals. It is obvious that you would not like to do the draining yourself so take your pet to a vet for the task.

Take your pug for a walk daily

Your pug also needs some amount of exercise daily. It is a low activity dog, and so a simple walk around the park or the block is enough. At the same time, ensure that it does not become too fat or else you again will face health issues with your pet.

pug playing outside

If you suspect it to have minor health issues do not hesitate to take your pet to the vet as soon as possible. For more pug dog information ask your vet to guide you. In this way, you effectively can take care of your little friend at home. It stays healthy and happy loving you and your family till its last breath!

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